About Us

About Us

Near You has been developed and launched as a reliable online source of highly demanded event tickets for hundreds of events. We offer tickets to our customers who plan to attend concerts, sports events, and theatre performances in their cities.

We have partnered with some of the top brands in the entertainment and sports industry to ensure that our customers get premium tickets that are 100% guaranteed. Keeping you entertained is our priority; we have added some exclusive features to our services to ensure that you are informed about the latest news, press releases, and updates regarding your favorite events. We provide this information ahead of time through our strategic collaboration with the top brands and agencies in the sports and entertainment industry.

It is all about the experience

Our business model has been developed to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to have a live experience at his or her favorite events. We strive to make this happen because you will use our online ticketing services again after we have helped you have a memorable lifetime experience the first time. This is the relationship we will build with everyone who uses Near You.

Customer privacy

We value your privacy. Our online ticket sales platform has been fortified with the best online security to ensure that you can anonymously make purchases for all your tickets.

Online safety

Our online ticketing website www.nearyou.io is protected from hacks and other types of online threats through our investment in the latest and reliable online security software. We aim to provide a safe and secure platform that can be used by everyone to purchase their favorite tickets online. We have ensured that our site is fully SSL certified to improve the assurance of online safety while you use our online ticketing service.
Is it legitimate to purchase tickets online?

Absolutely! If this were not a legitimate business, we wouldn’t last a day online. Near You has been fully registered and accredited by the regulatory agencies concerned in our business category to ensure that our practices are always in view of providing high-quality services to our customers. You can confirm our credibility easily; we want you to purchase your tickets confidently and spread the word to your friends and family after having a wonderful experience.

Music, Sports, and Culture

It is not surprising that billions of people from all around the world are interested in these three areas of entertainment. We can hardly live without experiencing the entertainment they offer. We never want you to miss the opportunity of a lifetime when your favorite events are organized near you.

Sign up today, and start searching to find scheduled events near you. Buy your tickets and expect to create long-lasting memories.
We have created Near You because we want to remind you that a Legendary Lifestyle Is Closer Thank You Think.