Question – How can I view events using the Near You?

Answer – We have made our website very easy to use. After entering the site, use the search function to find your preferred events by typing the name of the musician, sports event, or theatre show you plan to attend. The results and ticket prices will appear on your screen so you can make a selection.

Question – Is it safe to buy tickets online?

Answer – We guarantee your online safety on our site because of the huge investment used to ensure your safety when you visit , so feel free to buy your tickets and have a great time at the event.

Question – Can I buy tickets as a surprise gift for others?

Answer – Yes you can. Simply indicate the name of the recipient and enter their details so the ticket will be sent to them.

Question – After purchase how do I receive my tickets?

Answer – You can either receive your electronic tickets via email which can be printed or by regular mail.

Question – What happens if the event I purchased a ticket is canceled?

Answer – No worries! If your event is canceled, you will be issued a full refund to cover the ticket price.

Question – How do I get the latest information about upcoming events in my city?

Answer – We encourage you to sign up on our email list. We will send you regular emails about the best deals and upcoming events in your city.

Question – Is there an age limit for people eligible to buy tickets online?

Answer – Yes, we only sell tickets to adults in accordance with our terms of service which you will find on our site.

Question – How do I create an account?

Answer – You can sign up with your email. The benefit of signing up is the next time you need to purchase tickets your payment information is already stored so it can be done quickly. Please note that your information will not be shared with any other party.

Question – I get an error message while trying to make a purchase, what can I do?

Answer – This may happen due to poor connectivity. If the issue persists, please contact our customer support team for prompt assistance.

Question – How do I know my purchase is successful?

Answer – After your payment has been successfully confirmed you will be sent an email confirmation showing the details of your ticket.

Question – How can I get help when needed as a customer?

Answer – Our customer support team is available 24/7 to help you. Contact us via any of the communication channels displayed on our Contact Page to get help any time.